Birth: Neelyville, Missouri (Butler County), February 1, 1943; the 11th of 12 children.
Parents: Rev. Archie Johnson Sr. (1895-1977): WWI vet, farmer, Pastor, rail depot porter

Curley Weaver-Johnson (1900-1975): Pastor's wife, Children's Sunday School teacher, homemaker, seamstress, domestic help, school cook, pianist
Siblings: Five sisters (two deceased); six brothers (two deceased).

The residential community of Neelyville was always integrated and Estella's father pastored an integrated church congregation there long before the schools desegregated. After sale of the Johnson family's farm, they relocated 17 miles north to Poplar Bluff, Missouri in 1952, where her father was already employed by Missouri Pacific Lines. They commuted back to Neelyville weekly for church services by car or train. Free or discounted train passes for the family was a fringe benefit enjoyed by Estella via their annual summer visits to Chicago preceding her relocation here in 1960. Memories of a train trip and visit to California at age 3 is her most treasured travel experience.
Personal Information: Resides in Evergreen Park, a Southwest Suburb of Chicago, IL. Married in 1963. Mother of five adult children: four daughters, one son; a mother-in-law, grandmother; Has a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and godchildren. (Among her renown cousins is Reg Weaver, president of the NEA union. Estella's late maternal grandfather & Reg's great-grandfather were brothers).

Certified Illinois Public School teacher since 1967:
Suburban Cook and DuPage County Regions (since 1993);
(Chicago Public Schools till '93);

Takes great pride in teaching/prepping Jr. High and High School government students annually for the required US/State Constitution exams;

Sidelines: Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur (Estarion LPI); Biblical scholar; Speechwriter; Guest Public Speaker.