Family Values

Estella and her mother
Bride Estella and her late mother Curley, 1963.
Family Photo
This was the first annual Johnson family reunion held at Estella's late parents' home in Poplar Bluff, Mo. in September, 1966. It was the first time that all twelve of the Johnson siblings were all under the same roof at the same time. While Estella was growing up, the majority of her siblings were already grown and had gone out on their own. Several nieces and nephews are on bottom row.

Estella's parents celebrating their Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary
Estella's clergy brother officiates at the Golden (50th) Wedding anniversary of their late parents in 1970.

Estella's Children
Estella's children & grandchildren celebrate their Dad's birthday, 1998.

Estella and her five sisters at a 1978 reunion.
Estella's six brothers at a 1984 reunion.