• Editorial authored by Estella, "Checks and Balances," Daily Southtown Newspaper, July 31, 2003.
  • Editorial article authored by Estella, "Candy Names and Moral Values," Daily Southtown Newspaper, June, 2002.
  • Book: Come, Share With Me ,Vantage Press, NY, 1976 (hardback);
    Come Share With Me, 2001 (paperback of selected reprints);
  • Mss: The World is My Classroom: Lessons on Life, poetry and essays (publication pending).
  • Poem from 1976 book, "Life is a Precious Gift," was selected for
    publication in Windows of The Soul, National Library of Poetry, 1995.
  • Estarion Publications:
    • Come, Share With Me Again, 1989, (Cassette/LP
    • Proposed official anthem, "Hail To Thee, Chicago (HTTC)," 1994 (Cassettes, sheet music, Chicago Flag Pledge); CD/videos production of HTTC pending.
    • Also coming soon: new gospel/inspirational album CD/tapes/music video.
  • "Rapping Our English: Parts of Speech" - Educational learning tool coming soon